Prepare with First°Degree® Burn Cream for Minor Burns.

We lead busy lives. Minor household burns can happen when we least expect them: while pulling a casserole out of the oven, styling our hair in the morning, or grilling out in the back yard.

Introducing First°Degree® Burn Cream

First°Degree Burn Cream is a cream for burns specially formulated to treat minor household burns quickly and effectively. First°Degree is your all-in-one treatment solution for bug bites, burns, and abrasions that:

Soothes pain and itch
Helps prevent infection
Helps reduce the appearance of scars

First°Degree® Burn Cream aids in the healing and temporarily relieves symptoms of minor epidermal skin burns and scalds such as:

  • Rawness
  • Itching
  • Minor infection

Don’t be left unprepared for the burns that can happen any time - in the kitchen or the garage, in the backyard or the bathroom. Be prepared with First°Degree Burn Cream!


How to Treat Burns Use First°Degree® Burn Cream

For best results, apply immediately after experiencing a minor burn.

  • For adults and children two years of age or older:
    • Apply evenly on affected area until completely covered
    • Repeat 2 to 3 times daily until symptoms subside
  • For children under two years of age, please consult a physician

Always consult a physician if you are uncertain as to the severity of your burn, or if you have any questions.


For a complete list of all warnings associated with this product, please review the drug facts label on the back of the product packaging. To view the drug facts label, click here.